916frosty – Bud Lyrics

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I can’t do no Runner-up
f**ked her once then now we’re not in love (not in love)
I want you bad but you called me bud (but you called me bud)
Imma go grab my shades
Bitch wanna take my pesos
It was all a mistake
I’m the one who’ll take the blame though
Got drugs on me, let the pain go
Swerving out in the Range Rove’
Wanna see how my day go?
Double cup for my Faygo

[Verse 1]
Living inside my dream
Ain’t really what it seems, Now
Took a sip; It ain’t clean
So, I see seein’ her as bling
I think I’m a goalie & there’s the team now..
We’re gonna mix the clean down
Throwin’ a little Balmain
Think I got my style, Mane

[Verse 2]
She leave me on read then I’m dead
I’m regretting everything that I said
Said hello to the man on the moon
Told me “Frost, you just gotta stay cool”
Man, I thought you was my girl
Everything I wanted in the world
Now you’re dead, bitch
Leave her in a hearse
Tell it to the juror
Downing mine, as they wild out..
Then the boy bending time now..
I never get these people
Why they started acting nice now
Who were there when the gods give
Told my boy to stop it
Drugs on me you can’t touch
Making her go bananas
Look at that man that ran up
What do I make you stand up
That wouldn’t make my stand up

24 karat like Kobe
Imma put on my home team
Getting my bread no whole wheat
That’s the bus that sold me

I can’t do no Runner-up
f**ked her once then now we’re not in love (not in love)
I want you bad but you called me bud (but you called me bud)
Imma go grab my shades
Bitch wanna take my pesos
Imma go grab my chains
Stripes on me like a Bengal
Swerving out in the Range Rove’
I’m the one who’ll take the blame though
Wanna see how my day goes
Double cup for my Faygo

[Verse 3]
It was murder what she wrote
Every night she bring the dough
Even soda pop in the tow
Mattress ain’t inside the joke
Baby girl, you’re just a fan
How you talked about wedding plans
Cause you know that I’m in demand
Doesn’t matter, I’m alone in my head
Gust of wind, I’m already a wreck
Everybody keep on looking to me
You want a show? I ain’t f**kin’ for free

Thought you had enough but I know you want more
Like what else is in store?
Why you only want me when I’m going on tour?
Shout out to my ex but I’m done with that whore (Woah, Woah)
She sent me for the clout
She asked me for towel
They wanna be like 916
No one can take my style
Lemme just point this out
We can find our own route
Tell me, girl, what’s your purpose
I wanna hear you out

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Record Label(s): 2020 Ashtray Mgmt

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