Alex Wiley – Own Man

Feat. Mick Jenkins

Now, if you really wanna see what’s go
Lemme come, smoke, go, or should I dare

Drum for shawty and a friend that offend shawty
Friend on the door, tell me, should I feel ya?
Smoke will kill ya, I drove the first one
And it was hot, real top, nigga
Niggas didn’t even get high, all the niggas score
Now they wanna sit by, now I call’em shy
Shots, nigga, I let that shit fly
Bitch, that sound (???)
If you rap the wrong beats with a God and then
Get with us. I state no play. Jagger ass nigga
And then it catch nips, and then they talk shit
And don’t say nun natural. You down on the kick
But now you don’t want it
Now, fuck that, nigga, we don’t play no games
You hated on me then, we don’t fuck with you now
You not there for the eat, you don’t say the grace

I think they drunk
Lord save him
I think they drunk
Lord save him
The man’s a challenge
And cleans the palace
He lean on the chalice
And lost my balance
Finn this nigga off, so why
You gonna crack that car?
And I ain’t gotta try that hard

I sweared I’d do my thang
And leave my mark up on this game
Get’em ghost, ohhh
And I swear I find a way
The sun come off, the lake remind me
Of a ghost, ohhhhh
Got a head full of mischief
And a car full of hoes
A van full of bitches and a
Heart made of gold

I’ve been drinking all this water
Piss ain’t never been so clear
I never been so thirsty
I’mma be a martyr, I’mma be a menace
They be showing love for the green nigga
I got the advantage, I been playing tennis
We could take it to the table if you want there
But I don’t think you really want it there
Fairer skin get the most airplay
And I don’t think you really want it fair
And I been running this whole thing like a turtle
Trust me nigga I don’t think you really want it here
Slow grind, been penning these poems since ’09
Give a fuck about the pigs
I ain’t never really fed into the bovine

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