Andra Day – Forever Mine

Posted in Domaće

My heart has been a chessboardMaking moves and losing outPlayed so many times beforeAnd there ain’t nothing to brag aboutBut this must be a new brewWhen you’re gone I’m singing Blue MoonYou turn me all the way aroundAnd I’m tired of the fine lineI just want you to be, beForever mine (Be forever mine)Be forever mine (Be forever mine)
Oh and there’s nothing I can sing nowThat ain’t been sung beforeOh but your love is a standoutSo go on ahead and take the floorYou had to Jimi my heart looseNow I’m stuck in your voodooPick me up, don’t ever put me downLook I’m tired of the fine lineI just want you to be, to beForever mine (be forever mine)I want you to be forever mine (be forever mine)
The way that you move, never seen it beforeLooking for my head, can’t find it no moreYou ransom my heart and I get the rewardWinning the crown like a Trojan horseI come back, back, back every timeYou got me shook like the Mobb when they rhymeCome out of nowhere come blessing my lifeI just want you to be forever mine, oh oh(Be forever mine)(Be forever mine)
Oh, but you was cooking up a new stewMust have put something in my food’Cause now I’m lost up in the cloudsOh and I’m tired of the fine lineI just want you to be, be, beForever mine (be forever mine)
Oh you gotta be, be forever mine (be forever mine)ta ta di da da da da da da da(Be forever mine)(Be forever mine)

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