Behemoth – O Father O Satan O Sun! Lyrics

O Father O Satan O Sun! Lyrics

Shine thru me
Come forth in war
Come forth in peace

Bring down the sun
Extinguish all the stars
Let me remain
In splendor ov Thy light

Bornless One
As darkness bright
Found not in tongues
Found not in light

Bring down the rain
Drain waters ov Styx
Faustian luminary

Like a day without the dawn
Like a ray void ov the sun
Like a storm that brings no calm
I’m most complete and so undone

Agathos Daimon
Ov plague and fever
Thy name is Nowhere
Thy name is Never

Liberate me
Ignite the seeds
Bind not to guilt
Ignis Gehennalis

O Father
O Satan
O Sun
Let the children come to Thee
Behold the Morning Star

Shine thru me
Come forth in war
Come forth in peace

O Lion-Serpent Sun, The Beast that whirlest forth,
a thunder- bolt, begetter of Life!
Thou that flowest! Thou that goest!
Thou Satan-Sun Hadith that goest without Will!
Thou Air! Breath! Spirit! Thou without bound or bond!
Thou Essence, Air Swift-streaming, Elasticity!
Thou Wanderer, Father of All!
Thou Wanderer, Spirit of All!

Hear me, and make all Spirits subject unto Me;
so that every Spirit of the Firmament and of the Ether:
upon the Earth and under the Earth,
on dry land and in the water;
of Whirling Air, and of rushing Fire,
and every Spell and Scourge of God
may be obedient unto Me.

Thou spiritual Sun! Satan, Thou Eye, Thou Lust!
Cry aloud! Cry aloud!
Whirl the Wheel, O my Father, O Satan, O Sun!

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