Booze & Glory – Leave The Kids Alone Lyrics

Leave The Kids Alone Lyrics

You blame those kids for their bad mood
You hate them for being Rude
But You don’t realise how they feel
They come from smelly council flats
Homes full of hate, cheap booze and drugs
So don’t expect them to be ideal

Let them talk, let them think
Let them smoke, let them drink
Let them ask: “What the fuck is going on”
Let them live their own life
Let them shout let them fight
So fuck yourself and leave the kids alone!

They have no future – who can they be?
Frustrated – they hope and dream
They do some silly things coz they are bored
Her Dad’s asleep, he’s pissed again
His mum is bitch, drives him insane
I’ll tell you now – them kids can’t be ignored

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