Cassidy – Don't Get Me Started

I got mollie stones, patrols in zones that have fathers
(Niggas done started something!)
I’m tired of the ragcats rappin’, I’m backsnappin’ on rap ballers
(Niggas done started something!)

Yo, they know they scared of cats, raps and cash garbage
(Niggas done started something!)
Either way, I murder beats, I’m surprised I don’t catch charges
(Niggas done started something!)

(Niggas done started something!)
Don’t start what you can’t finish!
You start it and I’mma end it

I drink liquor, twist a lot of dollars
I got a woman now, but took a lot of women down
Ronda Rousey.
Sex with me is like the UFC
I give a chick the two ones and she quit like a submission move
Oh, you dudes just confused like a transvestite
Grown men moving how bitches move
You the type that get your get removed
Your implants and but shots to suck cock?! You a vicious dude
You ain’t get the news? I got plenty bars.
Like when you go to jail, I’m like a hotel, two mini bars
You cats can’t rap, I write the damn rap fast like Hussein boat
When I’m getting on the damn track
But ram that, you cats finished, so meow that(?)
Is you soft to hang around pussies, Thampax
And I be riding the damn tracks, Anthrax

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