Chameleon – Soldiers Dancing Lyrics

Soldiers Dancing Lyrics

I remember making contact
She said the day would dawn for love
When sopranos rule the army
And the real men sing the songs of love
The Christmas of your life comes in October
The Easter Rabbit swings a watch of egg
We hear the bell’s alarm this morning
The camera gives no warning

Too late, too soon:
Soldiers dancing in the ballroom
Too late, too soon:
Debutantes played marching tunes

You’ve taken all you’ve given me
I don’t think I owe you any love…

I remember making contact
She said the night was right for love
I remember dialing Freedom 1-800-U.S.A.
Someone put my heart on hold
She made me wonder if we’re through
I can see you but I can’t touch you
You’re a cool fire, I’m a true liar

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