CUNNINLYNGUISTS – Beyond The Sun (ft. J-Live)

I arrived with blue skies and green rivers
How the glow was amazed me
How everything seemed different
It seems okay too,I dream better
So mother Earth,I bow like when the queen enters
Life is so beautiful,is musical
I sing along
But its inhabitants
So quit me saying Im singing wrong
Well letrehearse
Ill sing the hook,you sing the verse
Lets build a bridge.and an extra verse
Well make it work,over time
With open mind
Over time lets fix the broken
So the broken can shine
I wanna help
Secure fortress
Pass tortures
they can sell portraits
After self portrait
You treated me like horse shit
Got all the beauty in this world
You got to know it
You cant see the trees or the forest
Youre orphan

We came from beyond the sun
We came from beyond the sun
We came from beyond the sun
We came from beyond the sun

I arrived at the 3rd round for the start
What you call the sun
I was weaken by the sun
Man with the gun in hands
I come here peaceful
But I cracked up and laughed so hard
Ima throw in pieces
Have you seen the thesis?
That you were up with
And live on
Just to be sure
That your acts are revolving
As if it is you know technology
I figured I owe you answers just for apology
Youve come so far
Only to forget much more
Than you know now
I know how
Youve been hitting reset in your history
Dividing and conquering is something,a mistery
Its the one that brought us so much misery
not just the sun light
Sustaining the true life
Used to be my favourite little tool spot
Like pyramids
Now you want river?
Build them!
nice place to visit
But I wouldnt live here

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