Curren$y – $ Migraine

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Game winning shot
Ain’t even stay to see the body drop
Get them pots, bubbling this hustling

Bitch you ain’t here for nothing
Observe how I run shop
If they ever snatch me, inform my brother he’ll come after me
Under estimated like expansion teams
Til I flex them championship fingers
The aroma of doja lingers
Door closed and towels by the floor but it’s still stinking
If it ain’t loud as neon colors you don’t need to bring it
Life in the fast lane blinking just as bad as sleeping
Creeps is always creeping
I peeped your scheme while steaming
Business settled this evening under tropical breezes
I work hella hard so I can take it easy, nigga

[Hook 2x]
I got a dollar sign migraine
Money on my motherfucking mind mane
Dollar sign migraine
Trying to put some dope off in the game

[Verse 2: Le$]
Old beamer on them gold wheels
Looking like Ace
Seen ya eyes when I ride by
Looking like hate
The way them hoes be talking about me
You’d swear to God I was rich
Took the tint of that motherfucker
Hope you know that’s yo bitch
Living life on that next shit
Still fucking my ex chicks
Just walking up in the game
They showing y’all to the exit
Just give the game I was blessed with
Getting blown on that Sweet Jones
Underground but we been kings, knocking y’all up that railroad
Seen it all like I’m Rothstein, never loving no Ginger
Niggas be on that nigga shit, things you gotta remember
Riding fast so we trying to get it
Fuck dreaming ’bout getting paid
Matching Chevys in ten months
Nah nigga in ten days

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