Darryl Worley – Do Something Good Lyrics

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This old world is full of hurt and pain
A little sunshine and a whole lotta rain
It don’t take that much to drive the clouds away
Let’s all do something good today

You never know what someone’s going through
Don’t underestimate what you can do
A friendly smile’s a tiny price to pay
Go on and do something good today

A little wink, pat on the back
A big bear hug, a belly laugh
We can make a difference all we have to do is try

Everyday’s a chance to change somebody else’s life
Why not do something good today

[solo/repeat bridge]

We’re all just broken people on a journey home
Spread a little love before your chance is gone
We may never see tomorrow anyway
So let’s do something good today
Won’t you hear me father when I pray
Help us do something good today

Do Something Good
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Songwriter(s): Jim Moose Brown, Darryl Worley

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