Dock Boggs – Harvey Logan Lyrics

Harvey Logan Lyrics

People don’t know said I’m going to tell you so, Down on the bowery where the rounders, they all go
Oh my babe, my woman babe.Gambling for money, the money wouldn’t come right; They fooled around, got into a fight.Oh my babe, my woman babe.About that time, the cops were passing alone; They stopped and they gazed, knew something going on wrong.Oh my babe, my woman babe.They went in, intention to make arrest; Knew Harvey was an outlaw from way out west.Oh my babe, my woman babe.Over his head, billies they did break, Harvey gave them the contents of a smokeless .38Oh my babe, my woman babe.Arrested Harvey Logan, they put him in Knoxville jail; Just because he was a stranger, no one would go his bail.Oh my babe, my woman babe.Harvey was in jail, the guard wasn’t very far; Threw a lasso over the jailer and pulled him to the bar.Oh my babe, my woman babe.Harvey said to the jailer, &quot
You know you done me wrong; Hush up your crying and put that saddle on.Oh my babe, my woman babe.Cross the bridge at midnight, the clock was striking twelve; There stood his old Captain a-fixing to give him awful.Oh my babe, my woman babe.

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