Eliza Neals – Smiling Faces

Smilin faces
(Guitar riff)
Smilin faces

Slipping on my own two feet can’t see the lock to my front door
So many people with phony smiles begin to get me down
Hitting my head on the chandelier changing my clothes a million times
Call me back I tell my friend who I know is insincere
Honey honey now

What you are is a desperate woman
Smiling faces
What you are is a desperate man
What you are is what you are
Smiling faces
You’ll be sad till the bitter end

(Guitar solo 4 bars)

You stabbed me in the back cause it didn’t go as planned
What goes around sure comes around remember this my friend
Waiting for something to come easy
Looking for your clues
You should go riding on the freeway and change the road you’re on

(Guitar solo)

Break down solo
Funk and percussion

Smiling faces smiling faces sometimes
They don’t tell the truth
Smiling faces smiling faces tell lies
And I got proof

(Chorus and out
2 x vamp out)

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