Grouch & Eligh – End Game

Where does one go to find ones way?
One way or another I’m a make it through the end game
I’m a make it through the end game
Yep, I’m a make it through the end game
Why do some fall in line and some fall astray?
I can’t say, but I’m a make it through the end game
I’m a make it through the end game
Yep, I’m a make it through the end game

Theres no winners, no losers
When were all sinners loose and all cruising
Crawl space crashing in, the walls are closing in
On Wall street they cashing in
Breaking men that been working all they life to see the other end
Others spend days trapped inside the brain
Anxious times a-blaze again
But this age a shift occurs, a worldwide shift occurs
So get the furs and hit the heard, cold nights walk
A Shepard stays behind to grip the murr
Fankincense and gold dust
Wise men know they know nothing so they told us
Angels sing for all to hear
But its hard to catch between the traffic, shoulders, noise pollution
We came to syphon out the dead life and raw slices
Earth is in my point of view the call beckons
Hours, days, seconds, power engaged in session
Intense and immense obsession to the human being
Lesson to direct the mans attention to the higher fire
Its dire dire, ride the iron lion past the liar-liar and the dead frames
New beginning’s but we got to face the end game

I put my quarter up cause I got next
Like the year’s 87 and you wasn’t born yet
Talking to my average listener on deck
Wonderin’ how’d I ever get here in one breath
Wonderin’ if I’ve ever shed tears or been left
Lost in another lifetime or sect
Milliseconds tickin’ adding gotta find myself
We’re playing this game with only time we’ve been dealt
Don’t know the dealer but I know he made me a healer
Baby made me a feeler again
Now I’m 10 levels up, doubled down on realness
Didn’t want to call ’em family so we called ’em our friends
They don’t treat us like family
Playing innocent as Bambi eatin’ venison like candy
And the temperament is manly, if you’re impotent
What good is that then this is infinite
This is absolute, green grass at the root
You gon’ have to salute when the ash and the soot clear
We’ll be here steadily
Still in this game, longevity

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