Jakk Frost – Chinese Starz

My remix fly, through the air like Chinese stars
Bunch rhymes fuck it, you walk line non chance
My gun talk, all hit nigga get split with the gun but
I like my bitches with a smart mouth and a dumb butt
Thats why I run around with a big gun and damn slut
Two on the corner stash in the pussy whore
When she push it up look like she try to do the toxic role
Look all these tough guys go and plal a pussy role
So I need this face plumy like a context
It was blocky and dont get no more
Like Joe tax at the rage braking up with the evil like both flex
Ride with through the dirty, dirty with that thirty, thirty,
Cuz Im down figures and jack then wake you
Just as quicker whats for me niggas was clock you
I aint out nothing pass no body
Every nigga with a gun things is caught face and John got it
Thats way keep it all showty, that it could test us
With this switch with your whole body
Ooh daddy just wouldnt listen to that case splitting
That he on the ground pinching
Pissing and crying at the saying that is her own blood
Cross fallow your symptoms to the cross rooms like bump togs
He cross over with the snake and the rats
I got so many gangs that call me the great
Im making real with your bitch and shorts
Fallow in that yellow dropper wind
Blowing though my bear like I am an helicopter
She lose her mind like for the gran I aint try to stop her
Aint nothing better than a bitch do the hustle
Get really some drugs, cook you a guap anp suck it
I rather have a bitch sais mice put your grams
Bitches getting a thousand legs for pics on Instagram
Popping, I aint insist another bad creation made of ice
Frost man, suck a puch like Alisia Keisha
Stop it now when those girls scream no
They be screaming frost when the fear means no
I know I certainly done that with this gun shit
But Im from a city when niggas gonna drag shit
Dirty glass, dirty guaps, dirty politician
Its fucked up niggas snitching on the competition
Niggas how start beat, be the first one to the DA
After they shut their mom house
Do they wanna get a replay of how things happend?
First you was clapping now you eating with the captain
Yall niggas is funny to me
I hustle for my family
You do it for tv
You do it for the bitches, you do it for the haters
Im an old school nigga like pips and purple gathers
He just scared, all I gotta do now, I just keep punching you big ass
Gang bang

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