James Black – Dont Miss It

Posted in Domaće

The world has shut me outIf I give everything I’ll lose everythingEverything is about meI am the most important thingAnd you really haven’t thought all those cyclical thoughts for a while?And as it keeps goingI could never be involvedI could never really see in real timeI could never be involvedI could avoid real timeI could ignore my busy mindI could avoid contact with eyesAvoid going outsideAvoid wasting my lifeAvoid 20 20 sightAvoid standing in lineAvoid the 405Avoid coming to lifeI could say anything I likeSwitch off whenever I likeSleep whenever I likeI could leave in the middle of the nightBut I’d miss itDon’t miss itDon’t miss it like I did
And as it keeps goingIf there’s no need for the perfect imageAnd nothing seems that wrongDon’t miss itWhen you know there’s a better conversation waiting for you at homeAnd as it keeps on goingYou forget whether it was the beginning or endWhen you can’t believe your luckYou’re with your friendYou get to hang out with your favourite person everydayWhen the dull pain goes awayDon’t miss itWhen you stop being a ghost in a shellAnd everybody keeps saying you look wellDon’t miss itLike I didDon’t miss it like I did

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