Jesse Medina – Flossers

I’m flossy in this bitch
Fresh kicks, fresh dips, saucy in the mix
Vest tale drapin’ my wrist
Swatch, I’ll show you what time it is
Gurbon like a motherfucker, gone like my men do
Lip flyn high off the L.A. Confidential
Spaced out like the cosmonaut, waitin’ to plot
A boy’s shootin’ for the stars, man, I’m stavin’ hot
With a punk rock chick like “no, he’s not!”
Who ain’t even into rap, man, she love the cock
We on the own shit, like bitch, tell a friend
But we don’t follow them, homeboy, we settin’ trends
I’m in some fitted jeans, halfway suspicious
Lookin’ like a cross between Pharell and Saint Vicious
Rockin’ a boys cut, like homie, fuck a fav
That shit got played out like way back in 98′

(Hook x5)
Who wanna profiler post?

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