John Beres – The Road I Travel Lyrics

The Road I Travel Lyrics

Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down.
It depends on which way you face the ground.
It’s all about the way you look, it’s what you see.
It’s hard to tell the way that your life will go,
And to gauge direction that the wind will blow.
So I say let what happens, come naturally.
It’s the same old song for everyone, everywhere.
If you’re not already gone, I know you’ll soon be there.
When I hit the road that I travel on, it’s so much better when the lights are on.
There ain’t no doubt about it. It just feels right.
When it’s time to play, yeah the wheels will turn.
But there’s only so much in the tank to burn, and when it’s gone and empty,
I say good night. I say good night.
I play my music and I like to sing, ‘cause you never know just what it’s gonna bring.
And when I see your happy faces, it satisfies.
I gotta let you know that I waited so long,
To be right here and to sing you this song, and let the world around us pass on by.
It’s the same old song, I know you’ve heard it once before.
Keep it rolling on. You know there’s something more.

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