Karmin – Drifter Lyrics

Drifter Lyrics

If the world can be my oyster
Then it’s high time to explore
I’ll be soaking up my problems
As I leave them at the shore
And the wind set sail to nowhere
Cause I don’t care where it blows
See as long as I’m a drifter
I don’t worry anymore

Million dollar boat, million dollar breeze
Steer clear to the top of the world with ease
Diddy money dirty, chillin’ cross seas
No need for thank you I do what I please

I’m a drifter, yeah
No I don’t know where to be
I’m a drifter, yeah
No it really ain’t much to see
Around and around, feet off the ground
Never got nothing holding me
Cause I’m a drifter, yeah
And this is all I’ll ever need

When you think that I’ll be staying
I’m always one foot out the door
See my vacancy will hurt you
Throw my picture on the floor
But I’m just too loose to settle
Yeah I’m always wanting more
Guess as long as I’m a drifter
Hope I wind up on your shore

Smooth operator, real earth shaker
It’s my fault-zone again splitting the heart acre
Tell me that you miss me, blame me for the cracks
But I can fill them in whenever I come back

Watch me drift like Tokyo
Makin’ that ching like the money low
It’s a ten-to-one split that’s my ratio
Cause I spit it like a man, no Pinocchio
And I don’t really care if you call me corny
Guess you don’t know the kinda girls from NE
Husker in the game, you can call me Herbie

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Songwriter(s): Amy Heidemann, Jon Webb, Nick Noonan
Copyright: Karmin Music, Emi Foray Music, Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Jonjontraxx
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