Kataztrofee – Polo Polo Polo (Remix)

Polo, polo, polo beat bugs my polo
Double hurts our solo but that association is none
If I say Im in that polo, my talking hit and go
Tight jeans I trap for sure, dont forget my shoes is on
Cuz if I talk hold on
Im talking to the floor, Im a fool, I swear
See you can catch me in million colors
First there, Im exhausting
Damn I dont want it but they gotta come
Spend two eighty for the limpest sweater
I really need this tempest sweater
Higher from the club make my collection better
Or maybe should call it the stable
Nothing terrorist in my table
Im fooling away we hit the statement
Im in a probably shade they never say
Fresh powering and Imma bitch slim
They take a piece I was build for fight
Coolest race, icy rain
And I scope to watch better forbid that color clock
Diamond stuck in my ear, Ive been doing this for years
So I dont wanna hear no hating just give me more traps
So I dont wanna hear no hating just give me more traps
First one, I got red, white, blues and grey
Sharp is a tag, you testing and go blind
With your fashion, you nothing like me
You are the fucking eye T
You got the nerve you talk better than me
And you aint even at list
Nigga you a sin, I will heard about told you
You instead an OC, YOU RUN ABOUT WHOREs,
We see you at the bricks
Hold up, lets get back to it,
But dead fresh, looking like the man in the mirror
Pop on my back is a fact, I rather stay cash
Does it all like good and tea
Does a young nigga balling for our cause
Pissed me in the city try to light with our stars
All the time fall but we got ball
The highest remix she ever heard in start
You can ask the bad bitches Ill be in that
Young fly I know you in with that band out
Young nigga post it up with the bank roll
I blow hundred, we aint gotta bang for
Hold up, all my ships and my drolls nigga
New crimp gotta ball twenty for nigga
Popping up the round and my pants up
Catch the main bitch and we kidnap
Were fucking with the balls, V twelve five, hundred whores
Young nigga falls, all in it is about a dollar
You main bitch ball ahead , planny model
Hold up, pulling my feet, nigga aint me, aint me
Aint; me straight,
Hold up burn that nigga bridge, clean the beat nigga
Bringing me hit, pop out, take it all for save it in the corner
We bringing me a hit, that talk she shied
Pop and knocking how she it
Pull Ill be rocking and treat the tree
They be coming to tea
Im not sober in the work now
Nigga this shit is not caution
Drop top potion, bitch you driving me lotion
Catch me straight on your emotions
Im so toast it and I still try to fuck over
Fuck around nigga get roast it
Pull her on the contest, take he to prom
She dont want heart, she want my whole dick
Yeah, is polo baby, Im solo baby,
Me and my baby mama broke up now
I;m on here living life like Yollow baby
I can finely put a bitch on my Instagram
Come to my table for a photo baby
Hundred thousand for a verse just add no esteem
But you can call a lolo baby
In the club with my new bitch five thousand followers that bitch, damn is a motherfucker
My baby mother over there, where? Ya whore look mad as a motherfucker
Me and young droll, running to the eighty eight
Give nothing but the bandos
Been hit bout rudes, check all my nigga bushing
They aint catching and play back to the stando
No limit to pock just lay to dope
Were round on my hair, were round my head like a rainbow
Nigga living good, good enough to buy my bitch from new limited sandos
Niggas runnin though taxes
24 whore when I walk to, motherfucker thats mandos
Spend two hundred thousand in the club, put the Merced in the ground
Fucking that a lambo
Yeah get you brand new vambo for the lil dog
Yeah, let the gush for a motherfucker strap from a polo
Got a bitch so thick, like the horse on my T-shirt
Yeah, yeah, yeah by the hit when I flow but I got it with my wide first
Polo, polo, polo,
Polo, polo, polo,

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