Kelley James – Stalker Lyrics

Stalker Lyrics

Just because I like to wait right outside your locker
Doesn’t mean that I’m
Just because with every other girl I don’t even bother
Doesn’t mean that I’m
And just because I walk around your house dressed like a robber
Doesn’t mean that I’m a stalker

Well you’ve got a perfect little body
With a drop dead smile
And I’m not the kind of guy that would
Normally make you go wild
But I can’t get you off my mind
You dominate my thoughts
So I’ll do everything I can to be around you

Every day I wake up I think of the places that I’ll see ya
And position myself to be in full visibility
I know what car you drive, searching all the time
Drive in your neighborhood to increase my chances I’ve tried
To be cool with your best friends, put in a good word for me
But maybe if you’d see, and if you’d only be mine, I’d be fine
And love you forever until the end of time

And just because I recall every conversation
Over analyze to death, do us part, with no escape from
This want, that burns inside of me for you
And though I lay in bed plotting my master plan
To win your heart, your love, you over
Please understand, I get so nervous when I see you
Then I realize I’ve never talked you
Am I ever gonna get you?
Well, maybe I’m a stalker

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