Kelley James – The Legend Of Rip Venice Lyrics

The Legend Of Rip Venice Lyrics

He’s been smoking all day
Video games
Checking the waves
Cuz he wanted to
Wakes up late when he likes
Tequila and sprite
Girls stay the night
Cuz they wanted to
Some days I wish I could live like him
Some days I wish I never got out of bed
Cuz I wanted to

His mode
His call
Everybody wants to get it all
Making life decisions off
Projections from their ma and pa
Not him
That’s rip
Maybe you should make that trip
Venice California is just waiting
For you to take a sip
He’s everything you want to be
But don’t admit to friends
He’s everything you think about
When you’ve come to the end
With all the
Bullshit that they always
Try to send, do you ever think about
Getting out, we don’t get to do this life again

All the shirts he wears were free
Half of those don’t have sleeves
Half the reason he believes
In his path so peacefully

For a quarter century
He was told he must achieve
A certain place financially
So the people across the street

Could look at his family
At cocktail parties while they eat
And sip Grand Cru Chablis
And say oooh they raised a chief

But the Indian left the tribe
Found his own horse to ride
To California’s western side
With a heart filled with pride

And a soul, as his guide
His arms, open wide
Good morning everybody
The prince of Venice has arrived

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