Kevin Abstract – Save

15 weapons
I can change your life in 15 seconds
I was 15 when I realized the damage
I was 16 when I moved to Atlanta, metro
My view is foggy still
Vomit on the ground, yelling out to my mommy still
Will daddy? Is daddy here ever?
And the holes inside my skin dont make me feel no better
Fake leather that them niggas sold back at home in Corpus
The crib we had on Brockhampton made all us feel enormous
I feel closed in and boxed in now
No disrespect to my sister but I need to get out
Let me light that cigarette now, watch me not put it to my mouth
But watch it die though, just like all of us
We all gonna die slow, phone home to Ohio
Is Scott here?
I think that Scott here cause he the only one that seem to care about us
Where the love at? Where the trust at?
Used dire messages to send my main bitch that, she still ain’t hit me back
I’mma pretend this gat is the place Im supposed to lay my head at
Let me take this nap

If you want me dead, go ahead and shoot me down
If you want me dead, go ahead and kill me now

Ive been dead
Ive seen so many legs, arms tear apart
How did this start?
How did it start?

You think its wrong for me to die?
Ive been dead my whole life
I’m still searching for whats right
But we all know I aint right

Gotta stay focused
Baby, believe when I say, stay focused

You can cut it now

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