Lil' B – Drug Dealer PSA

A lot of you drug dealers should be ashamed in yourselves
There’s no honor in selling drugs
How could you sell drugs and be happy and look at the person and just say
You know you doing a good thing, man?

A lot of people, you know what I’m saying, the dope-men be smiling in the hood, man
They think they doing something

Welcome to the dope game
Planting seeds for the hate
Sell you x pills, a little cocaine
I told a drug dealer, you should be ashamed
Welcome to the dope game
Keep planting seeds for the hate
Sell you x pills, a little cocaine
I told a drug dealer, you should be ashamed
Welcome to the dope game

I hate this, man, I hate these motherfuckers
Straight up

Had a little message for the drug dealer
And the gun dealer had enough
Still smoking blunts
Still wonder why they motherfuckers gotta die
I know they put this in the place, in the sky
While you make excuses, kick a neighbor with the juices
Selling lean trying to get over, I’m not clueless
Some drug dealers sell you weed every day
Told ’em suck my dick, you a bitch for that
Don’t got no respect, met a metal when I do it [?]
Niggas on music, a whole ‘lotta talkin’
I love what I say, I’m trying to heal the place
A lot of people hear me, but they scared to change
I’ma tell you ’bout the game, sink or swim
And sink your teeth right in
Pop another molly, you just another body
That they wanna kill, put you on a stretcher just to kill you faster
Give you morphine if you never had it
See just life past fast in seconds
No honor in drug dealin’, even if you made millions
Spendin’ pimp bitches, [?] while I work myself
Nobody called me unless I’m hot
Bitches suck just to get a shot
Niggas act pussy n’ they seat and grass
Niggas switched up, I seen the snakes at last
Thank God I stepped away from my past
I’m better in the present
My past was a message
My presence is a statement
My thesis is the pavement
Can’t see when the day win
I wanna go to the place where Marvin Gaye went
I wanna go to the place where [?] did
‘Til I see
TLC to the end, you bitch, I’ma tell you something, man
I’ma gun a nigga, man
I’ma gun a nigga, man

‘Ey, fuck the dope game
Fuck everybody in it
Fuck everybody that’s making money in it
Suck my dick
You know what I’m saying?
Fuck everybody that’s behind this secretly
Fuck all the police that’s pushing it
Fuck the government that’s importing it
Fuck the street dealers that’s dealing it
Fuck everybody that’s rocking it
Fuck the motherfuckers that’s frontin’ it
You know what I’m saying, I don’t respect it
You feel me, you know
We should be havin’ people out here doing their thing
Be cool
You feel me?
I’ma tell you something, but like I said, man
I love ya’ll, you know what I’m saying
Some of the shit is harsh
Like I hear they give some of these motherfuckers life for the trees and shit
I’ma tell you something
Motherfuckers gotta just step back
You know? This shit hurting communities
Keepin’ motherfuckers down
When a nigga really gonna wake up, he gonna wake up
Gutter shit, man, like I said
Basedworld Paradise, fuck what a nigga thing to the end
Personally, this is Lil B shit

This the message for the dope dealers
Tell ’em to suck my dick

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