Lil' B – NBA Stole My Swag

Welcome to the court, welcome!
Hoop Life mixtape, this for all them hustlers and players
If you ball hard in the gym everyday, if you tryna’ make the NBA
If you got cheerleaders on your team, this for you

Still shoot hoops, fruit loops, and the bitches
I’mma take, shots everyday I’m not trippin’
Young Based God still look like Clinton
Fuck 10 bitches, call me Mitch Richmond
Call me John Wall A.K with the bitches
Fuck 10 bitches no I’m not –
Bought five hoes cause you know I love trickin’
Hoop Life basketball that’s a million bitches

Now like I said man, I’m on my way to the gym right now
Know what I’m sayin’, we on that motherfucking Hoop Life
Like I said, young nigga making it to the NBA at all costs
Shout-outs to my niggas in that gym
High-school, College, NBA, main-line shit

Contracts big stacks big money
Hoop Life, ball hard make money
Practice at the gym, fuck a bitch then get money
Agent on my line said he got mo’ hunneds’
I don’t wanna talk unless you talking big money
Flexing on the plane or a jet cause it’s nothing
Young Based God call the screen can’t touch me
Flow like Jordan, call me Doug Christie
Call me Parker Flex bought a ho for 150
Flexin’ at the playoffs, flexin’ at the Jewry
Young Based God got bitches at the movies
Hoop Life, Lil B, Tim Duncan groupies
Based God!

Like I said,n shout out to Tim Duncan
Yeah we dunking on bitches, we got Tim Duncan groupies too
We got groupies like Tim Duncan, yeah I said it
I said Lil B is one of the best basketball players alive
See that young nigga on the court, Hoop Life mixtape
You feel me, I’mma say something else, yeah
I’mma say something else for my motherfucking people
Kevin Durant, you need to see me on that motherfucking court
In that game of 21, cause you know I’mma score, on your weak ass
Based God turn the fuck up!

Ty Lawson, call me Ty Lawson
Young Based God got bitches I’m exhausted
Mehmet Okur 2Pac Shakur I’m feelin’ awesome
Fuck Kevin Durant I’m on the court, and I’m ballin’
The NBA stole my swag, with them jerseys
Tiny shirts Christmas what, James Worthy
Fuck Kevin Durant I’m flexin’ 10 I’m flexin’ 30
Call me Nick Young I’m fucking bitches in my Jersey

We don’t respect them suckers, Hoop Life mixtape
Quit stealing my swag, I’m cooking everyday like Lil B
Cooking’ yeah straight up
Man NBA we know you stole Lil B’s swag with them tiny shirt jerseys
That shit look like Lil B, 100

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