Lil Herb – Runnin' Through A Check

I pull up in that ‘Rari whip
Smoking on that Marley piff
Got me on that cocky shit

Like I’m fighting Rocky VI
Flexing on ’em, diamonds dancing on my wrist
VVS in my lobes, Forgiatos on the ‘Vette
50 hollows in the tech
Totin, smokin, popping bottles
Brought some models for the set
Bitch I’m running through a check
Spent a car note on my neck
Bitch I’m running through a check
Spend them racks to make it back
And then I’m running through the rest

[Verse 1]
I remember being broke as fuck, now I’m out here smoking bus
Riding with a bitch that eat the dick while I’m rolling up
These city niggas know wassup, we hit the club they know its us
Nina got my trues saggin, Louie V belt hold it up
Smoking potent
Sipping potion
Remy stroking
Henny holding
Back up in the club, got them racks up in the club
Thick bitches bending over let me crack up in the club
If a nigga muggin at us we attack up in the club
Boy dont act up in the club, we snuck that Mac up in the club
You hear click clack up in the club, call for backup in the club
I spent them stacks in VIP so they let me back up in the club
Cus I’m the man and bitches brag about me to they other man
Bout how I spazz in True Religion and hold stacks in rubberbands
Breitling dancing on my right, Rolly on my other hand
I be shining in the dark, like I’m shining in the light
I’m seeing circles in the night from mixing purple with the sprite, lean

[Verse 2]
I’m talking shit, thats cus I’mma talking brick
All I rock is foreign shit, these niggas can’t afford to get
I hit the strip, all the hoes explode tryna lose they clothes
Like the way my Trues sag, 300 on my Trues tag
Ask me who the hottest out, I gave that ho a news flash
Told her Lil Herb I’m the hottest bitch
I got prada kicks when I shop and shit
Always smoking tropic bitch, I done done it been thru a lot of drama
Young niggas into cockin Llamas
I’mma lil nigga with a lot of commas
I ain’t tryna brag I’m just being honest
When I close my eyes all I see is hunnids
Riding solo in the Beamer stuntin’
Niggas hating but the bitches love it
Shirt off with the bitch in public
If a nigga muggin I’mma give him something
Hit him up before he hear I’m coming
Skeet off I ain’t fearing nothing
Ya girl want me cus she hear I’m stuntin
Cashed out in the gear, its nothing
Neck twenty and my ear a hunnid
If ya bitch fucking I’mma get her busting
Pacifer I’mma get her sucking
Dick the only thing I’ll give a woman
I ain’t got time for no date or lunches
I won’t be your husband, I can’t even trust you

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