Marshall Hall – These Are They Lyrics

These Are They Lyrics

These are they…

The oceans give up
All the dead that are in them,
The graves open wide
To set captives free;
And those who are roaming the earth
Rise to meet them,
Abraham’s seed as the sands of the sea.

These are they who have come
Out of great tribulation;
They have washed their robes
In the blood of the Lamb,
They have gone through much sorrow
Into great jubilation,
They’re redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

Like a strong, mighty army
Their voices are ringing;
The great cloud of witnesses
Sings freedom’s song
As they enter the country
Built by their own Father,
The promised homeland
They’ve looked for so long.

And all the pilgrims and all the strangers
Will be no longer strangers;
All the tired and the weary wanderers,
They will wander no more;
The table is spread for the great celebration,
And the “Welcome Home” banner
Flies over the door.

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