Michael Christmas – Broke And Young Lyrics

Broke And Young Lyrics

So, my dad said “Need for Speed” (y’rsorIm)
In Spanish is rapido, mas mas mas (nettki)

Jack’s the poster boy for different movies
Roles that I can play, I portray Dr. Hugo Strange
Left the afro bench,
Show, money’s growing, never owe my moms a cake
For the many birthdays she spent, taking care of me
And one time for the paroles that I had to hit the liquor
Let me get you a cooking chris, bump every remix to ignition
Teddy make the rocks spin, ice ’cause my drink wrong
Aye, we playn dodge ball, I’m coaching ’em like brick torn
You gifted and young, you niggas spitting this gum
Big bum bitches, try not to drop a dog-da-run
I pay the nef clips in my crib every month
But that’s all a nigga pay, cause I’m broke and I’m young

Said I’m broke and, broke and, broke and young
Broke and, broke and, broke and young

It takes a lot of energy to not hit these DM’s
Cause if she follow me, she a Thot
That’s a joke, before you try to Fed-ex me the smoke
Mike broken from the singing that I dropped off my vocals
Men in Black, flash pair of raps,
You can static ’bout your favorite pair of rappers
Then I press the button and you haters ask me
Middle class America is where I aim to track
So I can move to the front of the class
Like I’m kissing ass
(Hey, yo, bitch up! )
(50 bucks, lil’ man)
(Put that money in my hand! )
[ ]

(If that money, money doesn’t show)
(Then you owe me, owe me, owe me)
I told my sister I’m a rapper into college
She asked for a pink house, think she was
Bitch modest, spraying the vental cause with smth
To wipe out Smaug
Offensive odors and spillage of soda
Pull it, this is the Paco
Getting some waffles
My bitch act like Edna Krabappel
Smack the waitress if she don’t bring all the sirops
I’m from the neighborhood where they call me Jamaison
A Jerry grandson that fiends galaxies like Samson
And Michael Meyers was the man, son
Ladies love Christmas, LL leave your hands sprung
You ask how I’m so damn young?
Cause I’m a big baby boy
Don’t stop, like Outkast, and let me fuck your lady, please
Send them in Dolce, Dirty Dianas, I do a show and hit
Ex videos for havana, obide girls that look like Vannah
Two twins playn, stash the banana
Gangbreaker, roll a track, it’s the bananas
But I still ain’t getting wracks for the standards
Either you pop bitches better, stop and back up your dancers
Go get a bag packed over you cranium,
Taking up oxygen, cause bitch I’m broken, I’m tryna save me some
Smoke ’til we numb, know that we won
Know that you bummed, I’m broke and I’m young

Said I’m broke and, broke and, broke and young
Broke and, broke and, broke and young

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