Michael Christmas – Daily Lyrics

Daily Lyrics

Open my eyes what the fuck do I see?
I see the world last time, and I don’t need no clock for this
Stuck on Instagram like would I shade my crack for this?
No, I’m notice this gilr and she ain’t even fallowing
I hide it up a hot pocket shit but that shit burn my mouth
And then I though a… but after that I eat it
And that shit was the greates and then I masturabating
I felt like Brand…
Cuz all my morning wish I had be grandy like grand it
I’mma had another morning cuz I’m knapi
I really wish sometime I didn try to do this rapping
Cuz now my phone’s shaking like a stripper bitch and saying
My niggas like what’s happening
I just try to do in front of the AC my TV HD but it don’t pay me
So I know I gotta take a quick shower
And I can’t wash my head I hope I gotta a square
I step into the breeze like this the fucking air
Bout 82 degrees, the girl I gotta stake it
I’m in the same pants I was yestarday
My niggas got wide and some chiken wings
[ ]

Say ain’t gonna take fly like Michel
And I’mma shut thisn wings like tise the one…
My G I put that on Bible if I ever stop rapping
World ending roaf right
And put that shit inside my mouth and pull a tregor no stifer
But I’m probably dying in face of the best stripper type of pshico
But that’s the end of those talking
Sitting in the back with bro’s with dogs buging
Try to flex on new barry but we couldn’t count pocking
And you knwo this guys will giving niga tickets I don’t want it
So where we bout to go now
Stizzy hit my phone talking how bitches linking dong
So I’mma hit the dogeo like me ain’t hit more of this
And see how got the plug like Doctor Corvoid
And hopefully drag my babies like storking
And we been into reversal, how the shows be on point on shit
And after that I don’t remember cuz I woke up feelling shitty and it wasn’t my choise
Tic-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic-take ém-tic-tic-take ém

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