Michael Christmas – Y'all Trippin'

Y’all Trippin’ (SK)
Y’all Trippin’ (OI)
Y’all Trippin’ (RT)
Y’all Trippin’ (RT)

Why Y’all Trippin’? (YY)

Call a dude and go, squad up
It’s the homeless section,
Have my nigga, OG through
Its a roasting session
Who the fuck brought these niggas?
I say no to questions
Been losing since 94′, so I know the lesson
Spend my money all on kicks, I don’t if that’s mistake
That’s what happened at 19,
You get broke and reckless
Remember being six years old,
Nigga stole my necklace
If I see the niggas again, hope they broke and debted
I be in the car just laughing, cause I know the lessons
Cheap code, flow go, hard to go home, Eve Ho taught me
Don’t love no hoe (Who?)
But I love all hoes, that’s just how this shit go
Let a foe try to throw the box, I be at the door
When I tell your friends about it, I got fans and shit, hoe
Cause it Rah-Rah hippidie who?
My art is superballs coming from the basement to rooftops

Y’all tripping,
Tripping, falling, can’t get up,
Cause I’m finna go hand like Wall-E gross (???)
Fuck you ’till uncle Sam, old Sally getting blamed

Least I never rode the bench, coffee blacking
It’s all starting to make sense
Check the stats and it’s me that the odds against
Check the fax and I almost payed the rent
But this hat, nigga, know I had to get it
Standing with my white sonata in exhibit
Ride deep, pimp, nigga, might get some bitches
Asian girl told me that she seen me on Pigeons
Shout to John Tannas, that’s the John stock a sis
Use the Garry painting ’till you get the magic on your shit
I’m the school PSA, messages for Michael Christmas
Put the guns away, lets have some fun today with
Drugs and drinking
The fried brain cells make you see color pitches,
Got my hair long, I’m sitting on the stew, mother, sister, ah!
I do the right thing for my fam, but the mash pit
I go marsh deep for the fam

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