Misfortunate Sons – Cold Reality

If you truly believe that the good die young,
Why do you think we’re still here?
We’re falling further and further from all the simple truths,
From the ones that we held dear

Disappointment and despair flood the streets,
There’s no high ground I can see
Eventually, we’ll drown. We’re all tethered to
This cold reality

We’re controlled by common criminals
Lying and killing in the service of the charlatans
Seated at the right hand of a glorified thief
Taking everything that’s left from the beggars’ hands

We know the answers to the questions
But we will never understand the reasons why
We’ve been stranded in the cold and left to rot
I paid my debt to the collector but God knows I’m never getting mine

Divided we stand, united we fall
Divided we stand, just to kill them all

In the land of the free, we’re all still enslaved
This is not what we came here for
This is not what we came here for

Ten thousand years, and nothing has changed
The world moves on, but we’re resigned to stay the same

We’ll never change

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