Misfortunate Sons – Left Behind Lyrics

Left Behind Lyrics

The tempest crept up on us
Like a ghost who’d angrily returned
To finish what he’d started years ago
It tore through every city
Up the east coast of the country
Leaving once opulent landscapes in pure ruin
How can we move on after this?
Who will rebuild what we have lost?
There’s nothing left but sadness here
And none of this will disappear

Every oak has been uprooted
Maybe they all just stood too rigid
To withstand the mighty winds
If they had just looked to the willow
Seen it bowing in the breeze
They might have learned that all they needed
Was to just let go
And all this time, it’s been that simple
Even with the damage done
A hope stays planted firmly in the ground
It knew the storm was coming
It had to know that change was near
It had to know… It had to know…
If you let the past own
Everything that’s present,
And the paradigm controls
Every move you make
You’ll be left behind
And left for dead

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