Money Man – 24 Lyrics

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Burnin’ on [?]
R.I.P Kobe Bryant
R.I.P 24
I can make a cool 50k in less than 24 hours
Ridin’ with the pack through 10 seat miles
VPN socks and atleast 3 routers
I’m thuggin’ through it I don’t need no counter
Had to recess take the lil bit off my neck I’m drownin’
I got oil I got hemp I wax I got flowers
Burnin’ on pre roll finna go up to Pluto
Drippin’ real hard when I’m hoppin’ out the two door
I just met a Psychedelic plug named Hugo
30 laptops in my muf*ckin’ condo
White collar dollars nigga ballin’ like Lonzo
These niggas overated like Joe Flaco

Feelin’ like Jim Jones nigga I’m a [?]
I’ma [?] Feelin’ like a pot smoker
Fallin’ like [?] and the pack get sent back
Ballin’ like energy I’ma push a nigga shit back
[?] nigga get kidnapped
My bitch hit it twice and then she went to sleep
I drop bud on the [?] with the perfect technique
I ain’t time in the day for my females be mad at me
Anagram racks I be runnin’ it up rapidly
She know I’m vicious I’m f*ckin’ her savagely
She know I get racks she know my mentality

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Songwriter(s): Money Man

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