Mullins – Perfect Praise

Hands that have done wrong,
We lift towards the Heavens.
Lips that speak unkindness
sing the praises to His name.
Ordinary words are used to praise our King.
As we keep on roamin’
For the day when we will give Him

Perfect praise
And our voices won’t grow weary
Perfect praise
We’ll sing an everlasting song
With hearts both pure and holy
Through forever and a day
We will offer up our perfect praise.

Just imagine if you can
All the splendors of Heaven
As the Book of Life is open
And all the names are read inside.
When at last He calls our name,
Glorify will He then place.
And then the fullness of His presence
We will look upon His face and give Him



Oh, we’ll give Him


Oh, with hearts both pure and holy
We will offer perfect praise.

Music and Lyrics by Mark Willett
? 1994 Centergy Music (Admin. by Integrated Copyright Group, Inc.)

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