Psychotic Waltz – Stranded Lyrics

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Something holding you won’t let go
Now the Passenger takes control
Set our course to one direction
To the black side of the Sun

We are stranded
Stranded on the dark side of the Sun
We are stranded
Crashed down from the void

Low vibrations no-one hears
In the silence sounds so clear
Send transmission out to no-one
Set controls to self destroy

We are stranded
Stranded on the dark side of the Sun
We are stranded
Crashed down from the void

Stranded, stranded

I can almost hear them
Almost see them
I can almost feel them
Like a cold around

Dark emotions they invite
Strangers, passengers, parasites
Through the portal open wide
Through my weakness, through my pride
Set out course to out of nowhere
Destination no-one knows where
Forward motion wrong direction
Final station undetermined
Send transmission
Send transmission
We are stranded
We are stranded


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Record Label(s): 2020 InsideOutMusic
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