Pulse Of The Beat – Arrhythmic

Dance, friends, music and disco ball
Good party atmosphere and that’s not all
Her hot eyes, she’s moving to me and looking back
I’m nervous, I think I’m having a heart attack.

I am standing here like a little boy
Pumping the bass up, striking the joy
I’m trying but I can’t calm down
I can’t control, I’ve got no self control, I fell in love.

When you’re moving and looking back sadly
My heart is in tears and blue.
When you’re moving and just looking at me
My lonely heartbeat is…

… so arrhythmic (arrhythmic)
Arrhythmic (arrhythmic)
Arrhythmic (arrhythmic)

The rhythm takes you to me, me to you
Baby, I know well, you want me too
But our heartbeats are so different
Cause you are a woman and I’m a man.

The rhythm takes me back when you were 7teen
The time was really great, it’s like a dream
Save the feelings, don’t let them go, baby, hit them!
Save it into your heart and follow the a-rhythm.

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