Reisa L. Gerber – My Lucky Stars

I had hoped and I’ve prayed that someone good will come,
Yes I wished it with all of my heart,
And I know those old lies, those hellos and goodbyes,
But I knew this was real from the start
Everyday I count my lucky stars,
Everyday I sing it to the sun,
After so many years of having none my love,
I have you.
When you walked in that room, I couldn’t take my eyes away,
And each moment a look I had to steal,
Suffering and sorrow, had some I could borrow,
Which you came and stole like a thief…
One more lonely evening at the races,
Placing one more bet for one more dime,
But your love was the reason, the TIP of the season,
And now I’m a winner for all time!

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