Reisa L. Gerber – Title Change/reality

I didn’t know if they were voices
I didn’t know if they were real,
I had a funky feeling, I was a p-e-s-t-
I was “so and so” into digging on a sweet guise heart,
Like a lily of the valley or a psychiatric chart.
She said, “It’s true, he’s the kind of guy you’d know of in this world”,
Like a dream or a crazy feeling that just might be unreality,
But I take a tissue, he was gone with the dawn,
Yes, he split, looks like he flew the coop,”cheap, cheap”,
Inside this song.
So I called up my sister, I said, “Hey Jude”, I have fears-
And she said, ‘Who, John Mellencamp, or that shrink you liked,
Or Tom Cruise yelling “FIRE!” in the movie theatre?
And I said, “Hey, girl, if you’re lying to me…
Our routes in this world are gonna part….REALITY…

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