Ryan Laird – Love's Long Gone Lyrics

Love’s Long Gone Lyrics

You left your kiss in California
Out on that Mendocino shore
You lost your smile in Arizona
I sure don’t see it anymore

There’s a distance here between us
Follows us down every road
I feel it every time that we touch
I feel it everywhere we go
Everywhere we go

I know we haven’t even said goodbye
But I can see lookin’ your eyes
Your hearts moved on
You haven’t told me that you’re gonna leave
But it ain’t that hard to see
Your love’s long gone
Your love’s long gone

Your car’s still parked out in the driveway
Your red suitcase is still downstairs
But I hear echos in the hallway
From when you used to be here
Cause you’re not really here


I see it in your eyes
I see it in your smile
I see it on your face
You’re so far away

You haven’t said goodbye
And I wonder why
Your hearts moved on
And your loves long gone

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