Shell Corporation – Not Me Lyrics

Not Me Lyrics

And so we’ll sing, sing ourselves to sleep
Secure in the belief
That you have all the answers

I was raised on white suburbian mythology
Of rising tides and lifting boats and opportunity
Pretty soon I realized that I’d been told a lie
And moneyed corporate interests were robbing us all blind
Still so many 99s refuse to pay attention
Content to let their lullabies lull them into submission

And so you’ll sing, sing yourselves to sleep
Secure in the belief, that you have all the answers
And you’ll suspend, suspend your disbelief
And you will soundly sleep, untroubled by the answers

The answers aren’t easy but the problem’s all too clear
And we will keep on shouting ‘til you listen, ‘til you hear
You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink
And you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cannot make him think

Do you still believe the system works for you and me? Not Me!
And who here still believes the rule of law applies equally? Not Me!

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