Skyblew – Nefelibata

That cloud walker, imagining dreams while you doing nada

(Verse 1)
Moving on in this world, blinded by the girls but I’m tryna not to backtrack
Mo fire to the people that’s a match, Backdraft reenact the backpack
Lab rats in a maze but I’m past that
Soul intact matter fact traps overlap that
For the cheese they’ll plead in departments watch men bleed in the darkness
Reaping a harvest but I bring the light back
Bill of rights powerless fight back
Don’t crack like fenes with no dreams
Endorphins bring peace to my well – being
Standing tall, that’s what my feet a do, the government they deceiving you
I know it’s shocking like Pikachu
We not acute, it’s a thin line between love and hate, I don’t wanna wait
But I stopped the clock cuz I know it’s all gonna come come in time &
Who’s world is this surely not ours? I never left the earth but I know
Wizard of Oz no brains but I had heart, no space for me to write but I got
Bending… the rules of… society
Ain’t painting for notoriety… cuz life is an art the anxiety
Is a part of the plan, fall then you stand that’s the heart of a man
Dreams be my ace lotta cards in the hand never gone fold… only re enhance
You don’t understand what I been through… Devil tryna dance
But he can’t keep up never had a chance
Reality is in the mind, we in a trance
But you gotta wake up, if you wanna advance
Ima take my time up here… friends come, some disappear
But don’t fear I’m crystal clear, my insight is without smears, no doubt

(Verse 2)
Why I gotta lie for?
You ain’t optical eagles you eye soars… THIS
Light of mine, I would die for, no major
Label, independent like July 4… uh
(Sing) Granny told me to sing my songs
To write my wrongs this night so long
It might prolong when the zeitgeist on
Contradicting the throne but this life goes on
If it’s too deep sheep better repeat
I defeat sleep when I speak over mp… 3’s
Freeze… I feel the breeze all through my spirit
Elevating through the lyrics this my soul can you hear it?
All I ask is don’t fear it.
Shouts to my homegirl Celeste who made the suggestion
Of this concept I invest in
Started with a picture, I pressed in
That frame of mind I was blessed in
So let’s end on a good note that food for thought Nabisco
I snack well on them Oreos, ya’ll brainless just like the Maury shows
Cuz they aint mines, don’t write rhymes I paint lines
Ate before I shot for the stars, so I’m not aiming with a blank 9
Ye’ said we Roses but I started out as a late bloomer
I was in school plotting on destiny & it turns out I got a date sooner

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