Sonnie Carson – Cipher Lyrics

Cipher Lyrics

They say I’m just a dog
Bound to get found in a tub with a groupie
Until we spent, I’m living for the moment
And I’m a black man so the pig is my opponent
‘My hand, my component
I tell them it’s infine’
And there’s no comparison
I don’t have to take sips for the dog
They’re convinced I’m a dog
You say something
You’re supposed to mean it
‘Doctors show you the prove if you don’t believe it
All my niggaz got their ‘fulfilled

All my niggaz are turning cold
Watch who you handle
Copuple of followers, they instagram famous
Go to school, play ball, still stainless
Real recognize real niggaz
You don’t know more
Niggaz are going through changes
Bitches out here, swipping around in ranges
And James is bringing money
More money than his pops
You bet they know more
They’re talking to the cops
This whole team went North
He got shot
These niggaz might deal with in your dreams
Watch where you sleep around
They might even poison you
Watch what you eat around
Say niggaz they keep down the same that you keep around

We all got to’nobody’s extra
I’m a day early and a dollar extra
No strings attached
But I’ma plug them like Tommy Casper
Yeah, all that money over bitches is a common gesture
Yeah, it ain’t your choice if you got to ask for it
And all these niggaz turn against you over night
Got me thinking they’re down loaded
And acting for it
You know what we came for
The rest is for me to know
‘Fuck with them!
‘I see what this is about
We made you without a budget
You all get busy
We all think they love us

I will never stop to mop these floors in my kitchen
But since I’m on this mission
I found a road to edition
All the force is addicted
2 slights of heaven and you have to go through some hell
I got your name running through the crib

Lord, please forgive me!
‘But you can only fix it when you see it’s broken first
I creep with it, I speak vivid
The streets did it
I’m a nigga that you never wanna come across
The 50′ make them summer’
Come on!
Let’s go!
I think you’re fucked up
You forgot how rap was

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