Tory Lanez – Danny Glover (freestyle)

Put the money in the duffle and sit yo bitch ass down, how bout that?
Aye that’s yo boo, boy I know you love er
I can’t say but don’t do Danny Glovers
I was stashin paper in my granny covers
I ain’t tryin to date, I just want petties from er
Every time I walk inside the trap I need a new kitchen
Thuggin up the pots, I need some new dishes
Take yo bitch to Chile, I be roof crissin
She can’t fuck with me unless a roof missin
Bitches is waving, a nigga ignoring
I’m sorry I gotta go hard on my interest, I’m whippin’ a foreign
Number 6 on the Jordans, I got your bitch on my organ
I might have an orgy, and just pick from the orges
It’s Tory I do it, I’m poppin’ a magnum in Story to prove it,
I love my money, bitch I love my money
These hoes wanna put me on Maury to lose it
SO del uno, he told me to do it
Fuck out of towners that don’t know the movement
Roll with them hitters, you don’t know I do it
I hit then I Insta the photo to prove it
I kill these niggas fuckin with my Philly niggas
On that dream chase, even Millie fuckin with me nigga
All my doors slap jaws over silly nigga
Really get em, put em on ice like vanilla with em
Niggas talk straight, they ain’t never hood
Sound like Ye, they ain’t never could
And uh, maybe I fuck a broke bitch
But only if her credit good
Uh, top money I got it
And a nigga hand talk funny, I’m ridin
But anytime I see cops comin I’m quiet
Cause I ain’t tryin to see who talk to me through the wire
You ain’t never gotta talk, pussy nigga you on fire
Do or die and he’s with me pullin up the suicides
You a liar, who am I? You and I both know
Nigga you don’t blow no smoke
Hold no scope, hoes do my chores no joke
Walk through the door, no hopes, no strings, no rope
Fuck niggas throw things, hoes feelin so cold
Me? I’m a nigga, no joke
Me, I’m in the big time league nigga
Multiplyin all the big top G niggas
You these niggas tryna play me on a map though
18, 6 top three nigga
I done came from the bando to the basement
And you real but yo chain on that fake shit
When I’m standin on the money bitch I’m A6
And my chick better than cake mix
Yo chick could scam on that fake shit
Her Instagram need a facelift
I’m back in the street on that take shit
I’m back in the heat if you say shit
These niggas fowl and I ain’t playin Broady
Send the wap, no I ain’t playin on it
30 thou on this Laker game but if I lose the bet then I ain’t payin homie
Ridin round with that new Beretta
Don’t believe me? Aks VC nigga
Hit the town with my new vendetta
You got Stevie Wonder, try see me nigga
Put yo money up, nigga put it down
Go to school wit ya, you a juggernaut
See you soft then, you a pussy now
Take a look at me, take a look around
See the clique with me, gotta shook em now
See the grip with me, I don’t look around
Every chick with me had to book em out
But I hit em all and never took em out
I can go 100 years on the beat
Go until the top, all them niggas undefeated
What about all them other niggas underneath you that they talk about it to me, motherfucker let me see it
Bad woman, let me beat it
I could never eat it
Only if she got a millie in a villa real city
Yea these niggas say they ball hard
I never see the kush still I’m rockin quarter for the sign of a speed up damn
Hit it up

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