When Giants Sleep – New Days

I see reflections of my own past haunting me
I see the footsteps of my own tragedy
And if I can find an escape towards simplicity
That’s no solution to avoiding my mind

There’s no stopping me now I’m on a wreckless track
Defining ways to fulfill
Defining ways to fulfill my other ego
There’s no way back

I’m out of reasons to find myself this time
In a dream to see that running gets me nowhere

I’m losing my grasp
Transfix myself to the wall of broken memories

Now I see my own path
Now I see that this is my journey
Walk to find your life
Hidden in the creases of your matter
Now walk to find your life

I am the one to service the evil
I am the one to walk and guide your minds out

Be the one to jeopordise the unassuming
Shine the light in the dark

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