Bedtime For Charlie – Collide

Posted in Strane

We’ve done strikes and tried to resolve
Nothing else is left
And walk through every town
And every minute self

You are walking free in my head

Your conquered face fallin’ outta place
Appliances in a soup
See you jumpin’ in, I throw a covered flame
It’s an accident made for two

But we are frantics
Yeah, we are whimps
Feeling gazed, so we say
What’s everyone else collide x2

And I don’t get to be too upset
Things you wanted more
Tried too hard to withstand
Tried to fix your vows

Seen it moving over to us

But we are frantics
Yeah, we are whimps
Feeling gazed, so we say all the time
What’s everyone else collide x4

Torn to the rafter
Heart is beating faster
Picking up the pieces in the parking lot
Girls on the highway driving on the fast lane
I feel so much better when I don’t think much

As for the question
I got a collection
Things you gave to me
That I never wore
So keep roll on
Using my control on
Tickets to a lesson
Of abuse and thrill
Bricks and wild things
Feelings of infamy
Running to destroy
All the stories I know
Ran to the soundtrack,
I don’t wanna come back
Everybody’s indifference
Is all that I conquer
But I still try
To get by

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