Delta Sleep – Constant Dreamer Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Truth believer
Build your own idea of what’s real
Choose the ether
Elevate your fear of light
Constant dreamer
Dream your world away each time
Skip the road signs
Trip along the way
You can’t stay here anyway

[Verse 2]
Problem seeker
Focused on what’s left behind
Finds the pattern
Only to extend it’s life
Constant dreamer

Dream your world away each time
Ignore the road signs
Trip along the way
You can’t stay here
Anyway with your headlights off
For you’re your own worst enemy
And that won’t change
Flooded by all the possibilities taking a hold on your life
Of course how could the suffering be done
Let go
Let it be
Let it

Constant Dreamer
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Songwriter(s): Devin Yceil

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