Inked In Blood – Lest I Sleep The Sleep Of Death Lyrics

Your prey…
Your seeking me.
Your blade…
Sharpened to kill.
To swim in the ocean of hate burns my skin at the touch; it makes me mindless with pain.
I feel you focus your eyes on me.
And I can feel the arrows of your intentions piercing my heart.
You wear your blinders of bitterness yet you would wield the scales and you wield the sword.

And I know I am outnumbered, and that my enemies are near.
If I knew I was alone I could not bear this task of enduring.
I must hold fast to the promise that my beloved made to me.
I must remember our bonds of trust to each other.
I cannot remains without you, without you (all) my life is lost.

Lest I Sleep The Sleep Of Death
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Record Label(s): 2005 Facedown Records

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