Jesse Medina – Flossers

Posted in Strane

I’m flossy in this bitch
Fresh kicks, fresh dips, saucy in the mix
Vest tale drapin’ my wrist
Swatch, I’ll show you what time it is
Gurbon like a motherfucker, gone like my men do
Lip flyn high off the L.A. Confidential
Spaced out like the cosmonaut, waitin’ to plot
A boy’s shootin’ for the stars, man, I’m stavin’ hot
With a punk rock chick like “no, he’s not!”
Who ain’t even into rap, man, she love the cock
We on the own shit, like bitch, tell a friend
But we don’t follow them, homeboy, we settin’ trends
I’m in some fitted jeans, halfway suspicious
Lookin’ like a cross between Pharell and Saint Vicious
Rockin’ a boys cut, like homie, fuck a fav
That shit got played out like way back in 98′

(Hook x5)
Who wanna profiler post?

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