Keyshia Cole – Holding Back Lyrics (ft. Ryon Lovette)

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tryin not to .. love wait it down

the thing about relationships is the song that you made
you gotta give a little just to get em back of me yeah
don’t be ..impatient but i’m not the one who ..
i’m a simple girl and i don’t ask for much just give me what i need
i wanna go home
the way the share my love with you is ..
than a little time with you ..breathe yeah
i’m talking bout ohh more than just a thousand roses with the ..kiss
gotta put your heart in it before you go picking your ..

..put your hands on me
you get the will tell me what you dance on me
i’m ready for the .. i’m holding back
open up my heart to be forgiven and say right through your dirt
but you gotta willin your push size to ..with me first

don’t listen to nobody else
just know that i’ll be .. to the sacrifice i’ve made
i wanna go home
they way you share my love with you is more a little time of you to breathe yeah
i’m talking about ooh
i’m more than just a dozen roses with the ..kiss
gotta out your heart in it before you ..
tell me what your place gonna be
i’m really for the .. baby ’cause i swear it won’t stop holding back

i’m not tryin confuse you do what you want to
all i’m tryin to say it is don’t hold
because it only comes once in a lifetime let’s make it a loss
happen baby baby it’s a given love and chance
you stay and how feel for you i want you to know before you go

Holding Back
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