Monster Magnet – Last Patrol Lyrics

Last Patrol Lyrics

Oh mama, don’t you know this is my last crusade
That’s right, I’m cashin’ out
Your boy has got it made
I’ve got a ten foot blond
She’s waiting on the moon
That girl is living sin
I’m gonna be there soon

The last patrol

Well let the games begin
Let’s let the circus burn
‘Cause I’m a wise old dog and you have much to learn
It’s a cosmic joke those suckers never knew
[- -]

Before I melt this ball I’m gonna burn them too

The last patrol

Baby, can you save my heart and take this gig into the stars
Melt the ghosts inside my head
The same ones who told me rock was dead
No more will those dogs pervert the life I’ve lead in motion blur
I’ll fry the fools who’ll never learn
and leave them in my after-burn

Let’s let the circus burn

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