Rubberfruit – Heavy’s Pizza Song

Posted in Domaće

I’m going to order pizza, look at me I’m on the phone, right now.I started calling and I am hungry to the bone.So while I wait I start to sing, the song of my people, I know it since IWas a baby.Let’s sing the pizza song!Chorus:[So, Yatatatata, Yatatatata, Yatatatatatatatata, oh haha! ] x3Yatatatata, yatatatata, yatatatatatatatataw.
You think that I ordered steak, oh this is all so wrong, I only want aPizza, I said so on the phone!No!Sandvich is for babies and steak is also bad. So I sing a song for pizza,So sing with me my friend!
Chorus:Yatatatata, Yatatatata, Yatatatatatatatata, oh haha!Yatatatata, yatatatata, yatatatatatatatata, come on!Yatatatata, yatatatata, yatatatatatatatata, oh haha!Yatatatata, yatatatata, yatatatatatatatataw.

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